In light me was established by a couple , a boy and a girl.

They liked doing things together and wanted to succeed, many nights they spend thinking about the next best thing. 

One night they looked up at the night sky and could not help but wonder what’s it like being up there amongst the stars.

They looked up at the moon and pictured themselves and suddenly it came.

And so the next day , they started to research and bought one 3D printer .

They did a small moon lamp sample of their own and immediately wanted to offer it to the rest of the world.

In light me is a growing company creating customized moon lamps to bring joy and beauty to you and your loved ones. 

We are committed to our customers and shoot to the moon to satisfy them. 

Before and after you order you may chat with us to clarify all questions that you might have.

Our customer service are always accessible  through our website’s chat , email and phone.